Doom Striders

Catapults and ballistae are the weapons of yesterday’s armies, impersonal tools of warfare that were imprecise and whose loyalties depended on the crews manning them. Doom Striders presents a new type of weapon designed for more heroic play styles and face-to-face encounters. Whether you’re looking for a weapon to throw at your opponents in the next mass combat encounter, or an effective offense against a dragon guarding its horde, you’ll find something within the pages of Doom Striders.


At their heart, doom striders are magical constructs whose purposes are limited only by the imagination of their creators. Wizards and sorcerers craft them as weapons of war or as a safeguard to privacy; clerics can build them as monuments of faith and might; warriors might seek to lead one into the thickest of combats. The choice is yours...


Rules System: 3E

Contents: 128 pages; Two versions are included (one with borders and one without) for ease of printing.

Editors: Jim Butler and Steve Creech

Artwork: Christopher Herndon, David Hendee, Ed Bourelle, Jacob Elijah Walker, Jesse Mohn, Joylon Minns, Kari Christensen, Scott Purdy, Thomas William Babbey, and Yap Chong Aik.



Web Extras: Download the Preview (which includes the Table of Contents, Introduction, sample doom strider, blank strider sheets, and Index) by clicking here.


What the Reviewers Say...

"Doom Striders offers 128 pages of arcane “warmech” stompin’ action. It’s perfect bound, softcover, with a price of US $22.95. It has a grayscale interior, and, though I did not get to see it on my preview copy, a full color cover. The graphic design is superb, with lettering and everything enhancing the product. I love almost all of the artwork as well." -- Kithmaker at Mortality


"Doom Striders goes a long way in genre-crossing action, making the worlds of D&D and Battletech or Mechwarrior work within one another. It also combines many elements of the Steampunk genre into the mix. This would work well in Privateer Press’ Iron Kingdoms setting or with Fantasy Flight Game’s Sorcery & Steam products. With its high end technology or even Renaissance magic system it would not sit well in a low-magic or early medieval period setting games. They could however become a method to bring change into those genres in much the same way that the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks brought powered armor and laser swords into 1st edition D&D, thus shaking up the norm of your game and allowing big change to infect the game." -- Bruce Boughner at the d20 Magazine Rack


"Doom Striders accomplishes what it sets out to do. I was surprised by the number of options and sample doom striders, and I have to say that I could actually envision using them later in one of my campaigns, whereas prior to the review I was not terribly fond of the idea of having mecha in a role-playing game. They convinced me. " -- Bradford Ferguson at Silven Crossroads.


"Imagine a wide-open battlefield, with two armies forming on either side. Hundreds of knights, foot soldiers, and archers line up, hoping to win this battle for their king and country. Then, all is silent. One force watches in horror as a forty-foot tall spider-like machine rounds the hill opposite them. It has giant plates of armor, sharp legs, massive cannons, and a dark blue glow from within. The tides have suddenly turned. A Doom Strider has just won the battle. 4 (out of 5) stars." -- John Kirk at Gaming Report


"When I first paged through Doom Striders I got the thought of Adeptus Titanicus crossed with Dungeons & Dragons that wouldn’t immediately go away." -- June 2004 Issue of Fictional Reality


Cover Art by Kari Christensen


By the Numbers

Product Code: BAS-1019

ISBN: 1-59263-014-6