Welcome to the Twilit Lands, where all is fey and faeries rule. Faeries provides answers on the fair folk, the fey races and creatures more ancient than dragons and far more enigmatic than their sizes or shapes ever reveal. The secrets held by the fey far outstrip all the other races combined, and this book brings them right to players and Game Masters alike.


This supplement provides new rules and a new understanding of fey monsters as well as many new faeries for your d20 games. Players can learn more skills and spells, plus discover magical artifacts and secrets from the fey. Meet new monsters and fey legends that cross many worlds and cultures, from Old Man Winter to the Lady of the Lake. Best of all, the world of Faerie, a world as close as a dream and as magical as its denizens, comes alive with its legends and lore for the Game Masters and can easily be linked to all roleplaying game worlds.


Rules System: 3E

Contents: 128 pages; Two versions are included (one with borders and one without) for ease of printing.

Editor: Steven E. Schend

Artwork: Anthony Francisco, Ben Eargle, Doug Kovacs, Ginger Kubic, Michael Orwick, and Todd Morasch.



Web Extras: Check out this free preview of Faeries that contains bonus material not in the book by clicking here. Errata for the current version is here.


What the Reviewers Say...

"With all of the repetitious ‘race books’ on the market this is one that stands out from the crowd. We all know about elves and dwarves, or hobgoblins and undead – but the fey races have never been given the same level of attention in the d20 System. TSR touched upon the subject way back when (For Fairy, Queen and Country [Amazing Engine]), White Wolf have done a great job in their own game systems, and the Ars Magica system had a nicely-done book of the same title (Faeries) but this is the definitive work for the d20 gamer." Read the full review by Ian Hewitt at the d20 Magazine Rack


"The biggest plus about Faeries is its usefulness in both mechanics and role-playing. There is so much information given here that it’s like getting an entire campaign setting in a single, 128-page book! Rather than presenting the fey as simply another character race option, Bryon takes the time to flesh them out and give them a history and background. Essentially, he brings the race to life. Subsequently, this provides the DM with a wealth of material on which to base adventures." Read the full review by John Grigsby at the d20 Magazine Rack


"If you wish to add the mysteries of the faeries to your campaign, I'd recommend this book in a heartbeat. 128 pages is a lot and a DM will have her hands full just deciding where to start first with the full range of new rules and options presented." Read the full review by Jeff Ibach at Game Play News


"Faeries is 128 pages of pure faerie delight. As I hinted at earlier, there’s enough information here to run an all-faerie campaign. Races, prestige classes, spells, and more make for very intriguing possibilities." Read the full review by Kithmaker at Mortality


"Faeries have always been an interesting side of both real life folklore and fantasy settings. Bryon Wischstadt combines the best of both ancient folklore and fantasy settings in this book. The result is a vibrant place with lots of possibilities for adventure." Read the full review at RPG United


Cover Art by Doug Kovacs


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Product Code: BAS-1010

ISBN: 1-59263-001-4