Into the Black

The dark realms beneath the surface conceal an immeasurable wealth of wondrous riches and terrifying mysteries awaiting discovery by those daring enough to venture into these lightless kingdoms. From dense veins of precious metals and mesmerizing, luminescent crystals to unknown and seemingly alien species of plants and animals, the deep places of the earth support a diverse and often bizarre ecosystem utterly foreign to most surface dwellers. Yet, tales of the subterranean world’s magnificent treasures tantalize brave adventurers seeking to wrest them from the clutches of the wicked beasts and monstrous denizens that call this forsaken land home.


Into the Black prepares players and GMs alike for the perilous quest into this inhospitable territory, arming players with the tools necessary not only to survive in this treacherous domain but prosper. Potent new substances, magic items, equipment and material await underground explorers, while a full arsenal of innovative spells aids them in their quest. Likewise, Into the Black gives GMs a diverse spectrum of potent monsters from the insidious and cerebral pallemon to the sly and crafty barathelar as well as campaign ideas and a complete background on each of the four subterranean environments: caverns, catacombs, mines and sewers.


Rules System: 3.5E

Contents: 96 pages; Two versions are included (one with borders and one without) for ease of printing.

Editor: Brian Nowak

Artwork: Terry Wolfinger, Brannon Hall, Danilo Moretti, Ed Bourelle, Jesse Mohn, Marcio Fiorito



What the Reviewers Say...

"As a follow up to Into the Green, this book brings more depth to the Underdark settings available for any world. The clear and concise way the underground areas are divvied up and then broken done into animal, vegetable and mineral components as well as environmental hazards makes it easy for a DM to better flavor a campaign." --Bruce Boughner at the d20 Magazine Rack


"I highly recommend this book to any DM who wants to return to the dark days of yester-year when a dwarf with an axe and an innate sense of direction could lead his companions to the monster's lair. Of course, now he'll have to deal with a bad case of crack-foot and watch out for hemorrhagic fever while searching earnestly for that vein of bergasalt -the most lethal substance against undead that is known! Let's go caving! Read the Review in Issue #15 of Fictional Reality


"Overall, Into the Black sets out to be a different sourcebook on the adventures below ground. It succeeds in getting this across, but may push some gamers to the side with the heavy weight of high-brow language. It’s a nice change of pace from the lurking drow warriors and mind flayers, from the burrowing purple worms and goblins, and even the warrens of wererats. 7 out of 10." -- Alex deMorris at


Cover Art by Terry Wolfinger



By the Numbers

Product Code: BAS-1015

ISBN: 1-59263-008-1