Into the Green

Every campaign setting has a broad section of the map that is simply colored green. This is the wilderness, an unexplored and dangerous area ripe for adventure, but woefully undefined and undocumented. What does this green swath mean, and what can be found there?


Into the Green provides rich detail for four different types of green environments, describing the ecology, terrain, hazards, and resources of each. From tall alpine forests to dark foreboding woods, from lonely and sprawling plains to dense and sweltering jungles, no feature is left out.


Into the Green is designed as a guidebook for both players and GMs alike, providing the resources needed to flesh out a wilderness campaign, and the knowledge needed to survive in one. For the GM, Into the Green details the living creatures and the unique conditions that make up each of the four terrains. Trees, plants, animals, microorganisms, monsters, pitfalls, and climates are all included - the complete cycle of life is defined.


Along with each of the environments are a wide variety of skills, substances, spells, concoctions, devices, gear, and information invaluable for dealing with the specific hazards of the wilds. Every plant tells a story, every creature provides a clue to success, and every monster is a treasure in and of itself.


Rules System: 3E

Contents: 96 pages; Two versions are included (one with borders and one without) for ease of printing.

Editor: Deborah Christian

Artwork: Alexander Leonard, Amanda Riddle, Brannon Hall, Ed Bourelle, Jesse Mohn, and Mark Seydewitz



Web Extras: Download the Index here and the v3.5 conversion here.


What the Reviewers Say...

"The benefits of this book are exactly what one might imagine – to any group adventuring in these regions it has the potential to be used almost all of the time. Rangers, druids, greenbonds, elves and other characters likely to be associated with these green regions will also gain a great deal of mileage from Into the Green with which they can more fully flesh out their character and realize their unique class abilities. 4 (out of 5) stars" -- Ian Hewitt at ENWorld


"Well-written, nicely packaged, and full of useful resources, Into The Green is a most welcome sourcebook. For campaigns involving druids, rangers, or barbarians it’s nigh near mandatory." -- Andrew Hind at RPG.Net


"Into the Green is an excellent add-on for any d20 campaign." Read the Review in Fictional Reality #13


"If you want to the put the Forest into the Ranger (or Druid or Witch or any other character), then this book is for you..." -- Jeremy Reaban at RPG.Net


"This book does for d20 what TSR's Wilderness Survival Guide did for 1st edition AD&D." -- by Jeff Ibach at Gameplay News


"This book gives the GM some tools to add realism to their alternate reality… it’s not just a string of encounters linked by your plot, but a living, breathing world in which the player characters exist and interact. Score: A-" -- Megan C. Robertson at the Open Gaming Exchange


"Actually, it's hard not to like this book, especially if you're a fan of wilderness based games or you're just trying to get out of another damn dungeon." -- Ken Karlak  at Geek Speak Weekly


Cover Art by Jason Engle


By the Numbers

Product Code: BAS-1012

ISBN: 1-59263-005-7