Complete Minions

Within these pages reside monsters that haunt the worst nightmares of heroes from across the land. From the crushing blows of the ebant to the deadly attacks of the ulatra, adventurers from any world have new challenges awaiting them.


Each monster is written world-neutral, allowing easy placement into any campaign setting. Every monster contains a wealth of advice on how to best incorporate them into your world.


What's inside of Complete Minions? More than 90 monsters, including three new templates (the Crowd, the Fallen, and Half-Troll), 6 new inner-planar creatures that are the perfect familiar for spellcasters, and monsters that are unique choices for player-character races. The Challenge Ratings (CR) of the monsters range from 1/8 to 20, providing a wide assortment of challenging opponents no matter the level range.


Complete Minions contains both v3.0 and v3.5 releases of Minions: Rebirth, making it a perfect addition no matter what version of d20 you're embracing.


Rules System: 3.0/3.5E

Contents: 128 full-color pages; Two versions are included (one with borders and one without) for ease of printing.

Editor: Michael Cantrell

Artwork: Ginger Kubic, Jake Wynn, Jason Cilladi, Jeremy Jarvis, Patricio Soler, Rasmus Pechuel, Rupert Dolby, Todd Morasach, and Yannick Zogg.



What the Reviewers Say...

"f you want some new beasties to spring on your unsuspecting PCs, including something a little stranger than normal, then this is a good, solid book to get. I like it very much, and plan to figure out a way to slap some of these nasties into my Eberron game. Which shouldn't be hard, thanks to those handy-dandy Campaign paragraphs!" --Prince Nightchilde at Morgrave University


"Without doubt, I have to say that Minions is a worthy purchase for any DM who doesn’t have enough creatures in his or her repertoire (and who does?)." -- John Grigsby@the d20 Magazine Rack


"Minions is one of those rare PDFs that you want to print out on high-gloss paper and get a bookbinding kit for. If you play in Oathbound, it’s absolutely invaluable. Even if your world is slightly less strange, many of the denizens of Minions will find a welcome place in your campaign." -- John Grigsby at the d20 Magazine Rack


"Minions may just be a collection of monsters but it is more than just a series of pretty pictures with numbers and dice attached. The creatures are presented along with information on how they might fight, what their societies might be like and how you might be able to put them into your campaign. 9 points (out of 10)." -- Wyrdmaster@Gamewyrd


"The "why didn't they think of this sooner" phrase kept coming to mind as I turned the pages, basking in the creative (and mischievous) thoughts slowly building in my mind. Any book that gets the imagination and plot hooks a-brewing is certainly a good thing." -- by Jeff Ibach@Role-Play News


"In short, pick up Minions. I¹d never read anything by Bastion Press before, but if this is any indication, it looks to be a major d20 player." -- Joseph Duis@AtFantasy