Villains: Rebirth

A rogue’s gallery of ultimate evil, Villains: Rebirth includes enemies both monstrous and malign. Whether you’re a DM looking for low-level villains or truly epic foes, this book will give you the master villains and their henchmen in a format that allows easy placement into any campaign setting.


Villains range in CR from 1 to 25, and each villain has devious servants that are also detailed. Full-color artwork burns the images of evil into your mind.


What else awaits you in Villains: Rebirth? In addition to the 20 villains detailed, you'll find 7 new spells to spring on unsuspecting heroes, 15 new magic items and artifacts, 4 new prestige classes (bloodtracker, dinosaur cultist, gutter stalker, and sea reaver), and a new Outsider known as the Ahazu.


Rules System: 3E

Contents: 110 pages; Two versions are included (one with borders and one without) for ease of printing.

Editor: Aaron Rosenberg and Wil Upchurch

Artwork: Ginger Kubic and Todd Morasch



What the Reviewers Say...

"No D&D campaign would be complete without this book. The included villains can either be used as sideliners in an ongoing campaign or can be used as the focus of an entire game series. Graphically, the book looks amazingly disturbing, inside and out. The coloring will make it stand out in your book collection. " Read the full review by Kragshot@GamingReport


"Overall, Villains is an excellent resource for GMs looking for something more for their campaigns. For $24.95 you get some really excellent villains to throw against your players both directly and from behind the scenes. It is a worthy book and comes highly recommended." Read the full review by Steven Creech@ENWorld


Cover Art by Ginger Kubic