Out for Blood

If ever there were a creature that truly inspired the human imagination, it would be the vampire. Whether folklore and fable painted them as monstrous or misunderstood, the lore of the vampire has emblazoned itself on the fabric of our reality. Their existence has permeated itself in our favorite game…


Out for Blood details 18 brand new prestige classes that benefit players, gamemasters, and vampires. 20 new monsters—ranging from new forms of vampires to those that oppose them—also await discovery. Organizations that serve and shun vampires are also detailed, along with new spells that are sure to add some necromantic flavor to any campaign.


Rules System: 3.5E

Contents: 106 pages; Two versions are included (one with borders and one without) for ease of printing.

Editors: Brannon Hollingsworth, Jesse Mohn, and Todd Laing

Artwork: Cos Koniotis, Danilo Moretti, David Hendee, Edward Bourelle, Jesse Mohn, Marcio Fiorito,  Phillip James, and Terry Wolfinger.



Web Extras: The 5-page preview is available here, and you can download the known errata here.


What the Reviewers Say...

"A more monster manual like (though not quite) approach to a vampire sourcebook for d20 than the two previous d20 vampire books, this is quite good if you want a variety of vampires for your game, or want to run a Vampire Slayer style campaign." Read the review by Jeremy Reaban at RPG.net


"For those looking for 3.5 sourcebook on vampires and vampire hunters, look no further than Out for Blood." Read the review by Joe Kushner at ENWorld


"Three things come to mind right off. First, Out for Blood is designed to be very compatible with other vampire works. Instead of repeating what has been done elsewhere, E. W. Morton has designed new material that nicely complements what has gone before. You’ll find it very easy to implement this book in conjunction with Green Ronin’s Fang & Fury, for example. I find that’s a big complaint among d20 consumers—the “sameness” of products (“Do I really need another elf book?”)—and Out for Blood does a good job of avoiding this trap." Read the review by John Grigsby at the d20 Magazine Rack


"All in all, Out for Blood is a good supplement. It presents lots of new information and does it in a easy to use format. There is quite of bit of D&D

goodness here for both players and referees. If you're fantasy campaign has gotten a little predictable, then you can use this book to take a side trip into a

horror setting - and have your cleric become Van Helsing or revisit your own version of Ravenloft. For d20 fantasy RPG's players, this is a good

supplement if you just want to dip into the vampire sub-genre. It is a good introduction to those that feed at night." Read the Review in Issue #15 of Fictional Reality


Cover Art by Terry Wolfinger


By the Numbers

Product Code: BAS-1016

ISBN: 1-59263-000-6